Sunday, January 4, 2015



就因为你, 我学会更自私更爱自己。

Sunday, January 5, 2014

A world calls "brave"

bye bye 2013, a new years called 2014 replaced my 'brave" years.
To describe the past year 2013, the world ---BRAVE  is the appropriate world.
Refresh the past time , the felling of L-O-V-E mostly occupied in my life.

A secret that nobody is discover , nobody relies, nobody bother....
Deep in my heart, i have done what should be done. no regret at all .
A genuine and sincere vindication for you in past few years , yet its turn nothing but grieved.
I am not sure whether it just a game for you, perhaps i am not so important for you.

Anyway, it has past. A wonderful life is waiting for me and also for you. Wish you everything all right.
blessed story would be created in this new years. New session has been warming up my motivation.
Some of the thing is complicated, it might be right and it might be wrong. No answer is the best answer; perhaps something made it understand clearly it would turn bad and we would lose and lost.

New pages of 2014, i want to write meaningful and merit  record in my history.
All the best all. we have to move on and on even we had hurt and sad before.
Brave so that i can face myself
Brave so that i can let it go
Brave so that i know where i am

Thank you for bringing me to the place where called love ;
where the place that fell my heart beating.
where the place i would keep in secretly....

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Chinese new year is coming

Today is 1st Feb 2013, the wilayah persekutuan Kuala Lumpur holiday.  Yet I still have to go back office to finish my job. But I  felt  no regret and blame to continues my job because I has found what i like to do  and what am I doing...
The time flies fast, it is time to speed up my life and furnish my spirit and mental. Chinese new year is around the corner, but the memory when i was graduated, I was studying, when I was with my buddies, the time when I still a student. It just like it was happening yesterday. Those happy and suffering past time was make me who am I today.
Honestly , the life in university able to educate a teenage to become stronger. Especially, there is no people to help you and you have to learn to solve the problem by yourself...

New challenge....And .. my turbo is on..!